Her Story:  A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America

Her Story:  A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America – is like a slideshow of American women’s history. Pictures and photographs along with short captions document women who’ve excelled in areas of American culture, including science, politics, business, entertainment and sports. The ones we all know from history class (Pocahontas) and popular culture (Oprah Winfrey) are here. Many are lesser known but no less interesting; for example, Sister Rose Thering, who was instrumental in the Vatican’s repeal of its policy of holding Jews responsible for the crucifixion. One fascinating set of photographs shows a Boston Marathon official trying to tear off K. Switzer’s race number when he realizes the “K” stands for Kathrine (in 1967 Switzer became the first woman to officially enter and run in the event). With more than 900 women profiled, this book is a perfect addition to any library: public, school, college or personal.  Bookpage, March 2008 – visit the Her Story website at



Women in Engineering Book 9:  Recognizing and Taking Advantage of Opportunities


Author Jill S. Tietjen, P.E., past CEO of the National Women’s Hall of Fame; an IEEE Senior Member; a past national president of the Society of Women Engineers; a past member of the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission; and she has served as a western zone vice-president for the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.  Tietjen has also been inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame.  She offers readers a positive and upbeat account of her engineering career journey, with tips and lessons for everyone – in all fields – for recognizing and taking advantage of career opportunities in this Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ebook.


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Engineering Women:  Re-visioning Women’s Scientific Achievements and Impacts


Packed with fascinating biographical sketches of female engineers, this chronological history of engineering brightens previously shadowy corners of our increasingly engineered world’s recent past. In addition to a detailed description of the diverse arenas encompassed by the word ‘engineering’ and a nuanced overview of the development of the field, the book includes numerous statistics and thought provoking facts about women’s roles in the achievement of thrilling scientific innovations. This text is a unique resource for students launching research projects in engineering and related fields, professionals interested in gaining a broader understanding of how engineering as a discipline has been impacted by events of global significance, and scholars of women’s immense, often obscured, contributions to scientific progress.


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Inspiring Women of the National Women’s Hall of Fame


The collected biographies of all 266 Inductees of the National Women’s Hall of Fame.  Jill Tietjen served as editor.




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Keys to Engineering Success


Lively in format and filled with real-world vignettes, applications, and examples, this introduction to engineering is designed to keep students encouraged and motivated during their freshmen year when they can’t yet see how all of the calculus, physics, and chemistry relates to their engineering education. The real-world vignettes and pictures capture not only the diversity of the profession, but of the engineers themselves, providing an overview of the various types of engineering as well as what working professionals do. The text also features extensive information on engineering-specific study skills, gives hints and suggestions on how to enhance one’s college experience, and provides information on what resources to look for and where to find them.


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Setting the Record Straight:  An Introduction to the History and Evolution of Women’s Professional Achievement


In a well-researched overview of the professional progress of women in the U.S. since its founding, the authors describe women’s struggle for political and professional opportunity in the pursuit of equality. Focusing on the ‘learned professions’ and set in the context of an ever-changing political climate, this book covers the challenges as well as the victories within the evolving workplace. This introductory text is the first in a series examining women’s progress in specific non-traditional professions. Geared specifically for young women choosing career paths, the series is a must read for anyone about to enter the workforce.





 Setting the Record Straight:  The History and Evolution of Women’s Professional Achievement in Engineering


Engineering is still predominantly a man’s world. Women, however, have made significant inroads in the past few decades. From groundbreaking inventions to path paving for other women, female engineers are dispelling stereotypes and misguided expectations about women’s abilities in the field and in the office. Focusing on the engineering profession. its history as well as its unique obstacles, this well-researched book provides historical context as well as encouragement for would-be female engineers.

“Your book will help young women still struggling for their place in the field and will help to have true integration happen more quickly.” Computer Science Professor

“The book includes delightful short biographies of women who have made significant contributions to their field. . . In addition to a detailed description of the diverse fields encompassed by the word engineering, and a wonderful overview of the development of the field, the books includes numerous statistics and thought provoking facts. . . All in all, this is a fascinating book with excellent endnotes . . . a treasure trove for students and others to launch research projects in engineering and related fields.” Math/Science Network


“The book is well organized, and covers a chronological history, as well as short bios of the women from each era. . . Not only is the book very pleasurable reading, but also it is a valuable tool for researchers. It contains extensive footnotes, bibliography and comprehensive index.” The Quest (Newsletter of the Gilbreth Network)




Setting the Record Straight:  The History and Evolution of Women’s Professional Achievement in Accounting